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Are you struggling to earn a living doing something you never would have picked if you had the choice again?

Most people trade a third of their life for a paycheck that barely pays the bills. They spend decades paying bill after bill, wondering when they’ll ever “get ahead”. And when you can barely pay your bills each month, it severely limits your lifestyle choices.

At Common Cents Hub, we provide practical solutions to get control over your finances so that you can get more control over your life.

It’s easy to make the wrong decision – or no decision and find yourself locked into a lifestyle of earning and paying, always just one emergency from bankruptcy.

What our readers like most is that we offer real life, actionable advice that’ll help to open up more choices for you and your family.



We’re located on the coast of New Jersey, just off Long Beach Island. We see a lot of people spending their hard-earned money on the island, so saving money on travel is one area that interests us.



And since life isn’t all about money, we also talk about things at work, at home, and how we can have more time for the things that matter.

Whether it’s making your home smarter, helping you to do things easier, or even working from home, we’re interested.

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